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UltraShape: Rapid Body Contouring Results

With so many weight-loss methods on the market, Dr. Richardson can appreciate the difficulty in selecting the right modality. One of the foremost patient concerns we see is the time commitment required for each method—let’s just say most are impatient to see measurable results and are tired of gym workouts that result in little to…. read more

UltraVela Body Transformation: A Combination of Noninvasive Body Contouring Technologies

Most candidates for noninvasive body shaping treatments have a combination of concerns, necessitating the use of different modalities to not only remove excess fat, but to also reduce cellulite and tighten loose skin. By combining both UltraShape and VelaShape technologies, Dr. Richardson is able to address each of these concerns and achieve unparalleled results. A…. read more

UltraShape vs Liposuction: The Non-Invasive Advantage

After a decade of practicing aesthetic medicine with energy-based devices, Dr. Richardson has found few that delivered results as impressive as Syneron Candela’s UltraShape. With just three 45-minute treatments, this breakthrough body contouring system is reducing patient’s circumference by an average of 4 cm. You might be wondering, “What’s the difference between UltraShape and lipsocution?”…. read more

UltraShape: Clinically Proven Body Contouring

Even if you diet and exercise regularly, losing excess fat can sometimes seem futile. Stubborn pockets of fat become resistant to your efforts and, before you know it, your weight loss plateaus—and your motivation suffers. While liposuction has been a game-changer for some, others have no interest in undergoing invasive surgery. Thankfully, advances in aesthetic…. read more

The Elos Plus Skin Rejuvenation Treatment

There are a myriad of laser devices on the market when considering facial rejuvenation procedures but none as highly regarded like the Elos Plus Skin Rejuvenation Platform. After 10 years of artistry with laser devices there is one technology that has led the way for the patients at Natura Dermatology & Cosmetics – eLos Technology…. read more

Laser Skin Resurfacing Treatment With The Co2 Laser

When considering a laser skin resurfacing treatment one must consider the overall appearance of the skin.  Being an avid admirer of artwork, Dr. Richardson often finds himself examining patients’ skin and saying, “The quality of an artist’s painting is only as good as the canvas.” Cosmetic treatments are readily available to address any concern with…. read more