6 Super Cool Things You Didn't Know About CoolSculpting®

CoolSculpting® is the revolutionary, noninvasive body contouring system that lets you freeze off fat without side effects or downtime. At Natura Dermatology & Cosmetic in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, dermatologist Dr. Will Richardson and Physician Assistant Angela Jones expertly sculpt away unwanted fat from your:

CoolSculpting uses a patented technique called cryolipolysis, which lowers the temperature in fat cells so that the cells break down and undergo a slow death. Fat “freezes” at a higher temperature than water does, so CoolSculpting never gets cold enough to affect your other tissues or organs. Aside from some temporary some redness or swelling, CoolSculpting has virtually no side effects.

CoolSculpting kills about 25% of fat cells in every treated area. Over the next few weeks, your body flushes away the dead fat cells and excretes them naturally. Once they’re gone, they never come back!

If that sounds rad, just wait: The CoolSculpting pros at Natura Dermatology & Cosmetic have six more super cool facts about CoolSculpting to share:

1. CoolSculpting sculpts a new shape

CoolSculpting isn’t a weight-loss technique; It’s a body-contouring method that trims away excess fat like how sculptor trims away marble to reveal the beautiful figure underneath.

It works best when you’re at a stable and healthy weight. After your body permanently eliminates the dead fat cells through your lymphatic system, you’ll see the difference on your tape measure, not your scale.

2. CoolSculpting doesn’t have to suck

The original CoolSculpting applicator worked by suctioning up “pinchable” areas of fat into a cooling applicator. But CoolSculpting’s become so popular that Zeltiq® produced a number of new applicators, including CoolMini to treat small areas like the chin, and CoolAdvantage for flanks and thighs. The CoolAdvantage applicators are flat and don’t require any suction at all!

3. CoolMini freezes your double chin

Even if you’re thin, you may develop a double chin, particularly as you age. The CoolMini CoolSculpting applicator is specifically designed to treat the submental (under chin) area. Most men and women only need one or two CoolMini sessions to get a fat-free chin again

4. CoolSculpting tightens your skin

The FDA recently cleared the CoolMini as a skin-tightening treatment in the submental area. That means that if you have a little loose skin along with your double chin, when you remove your fat with CoolMini, you’ll lose the sagging, too.

Your Natura Dermatology & Cosmetic aesthetic professional evaluate the quality of your skin as part of your CoolSculpting or CoolMini consultation. If you have more than minimal sagging, you may need co-therapy with Ultherapy®.

5. CoolSculpting zaps away “man boobs”

Men who suffer from gynecomastia but don’t want to undergo liposuction or other surgery now have a great nonsurgical solution to their problem. Dr. Richardson uses CoolSculpting to remove excess fatty tissue from overdeveloped male breasts. The difference that CoolSculpting makes is not as dramatic as a surgical correction, but you’ll feel more comfortable in the gym and on the beach.

6. You get a massage, too!

After your CoolSculpting treatment, your Natura aesthetic specialist massages the treated area. Massage helps break up the damaged fat cells, so your body can eliminate them more easily and quickly. The massage also helps your CoolSculpting results look smooth, uniform, and beautiful.  How cool is that?

To book your first CoolSculpting session, use the handy online form or call the friendly Natura Dermatology & Cosmetic staff.

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