How HydraFacial Can Brighten Tired Summer Skin

How HydraFacial Can Brighten Tired Summer Skin

Have you been spending too much time in the summer sun? It may be time to stop in and see Dr. Will Richardson and Angela at Natura Dermatology & Cosmetics for a little relaxation and rejuvenation with HydraFacial™. This multi-step, yet quick, skin care treatment uses patented technology to brighten your tired summer skin and give you a fresh look.

Don’t let the “facial” in HydraFacial fool you. This specialized treatment does more than make you feel good -- it improves the look and feel of your skin from the inside out.

Custom designed for you

Before we begin your HydraFacial treatment, we examine your skin to assess its health and determine the best treatment. Each HydraFacial is custom designed to suit your specific skin health needs. We also offer tailored serums to address your areas of concern, including:

The goal of the HydraFacial is to improve the health of your skin and give you a refreshed look. And the entire treatment takes only about 30 minutes.

Cleanse and exfoliate

To brighten your tired skin, we begin the HydraFacial with a cleanse and exfoliation. During this process, we use a special tool that cleans your skin and gently removes dead skin cells and dirt from your pores. This exfoliation is painless and relaxing.

Gentle acid peel

After your skin has been thoroughly cleansed, we apply a gentle acid peel. Most skin peels sting when applied, but the HydraFacial acid peel only feels a little tingly, so you know it’s working. This specialized skin treatment evens out your skin tone and smooths out the rough areas.

Remove impurities

During the extraction phase of the HydraFacial, we apply a special suction device called a vortex-fusion tool to your skin. It gently, but effectively, removes all the impurities from your skin. You might be surprised at all the dirt and toxins we can remove during this process.

Hydrating serum

Once your skin has been effectively cleansed, smoothed, and detoxified, we use the vortex-fusion tool to apply a hydrating serum to give you back your summer glow. The serum is customized to meet your skin needs and infuses special proteins and antioxidants to support skin health and rejuvenation.

With HydraFacial, the results are immediate and you leave the office looking refreshed. Unlike other skin care treatments, there’s no redness or peeling. With no need to take downtime, you can go right back to your usual activities.

To keep your skin healthy and rejuvenated, we recommend monthly HydraFacial treatments.

Not just for tired skin

HydraFacial can certainly brighten your skin, but we recommend the skin care treatment for a number of different skin concerns, including:

HydraFacial can also treat oily skin and help minimize large pores. It’s also gentle enough for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

If you’re ready to pamper yourself while improving the health and vitality of your skin, call us to schedule your HydraFacial.

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